Monday, September 24, 2007

Paey Freed!

Sometimes the justice system works.
This time, a bit late, a clemency hearing, probably the only one that Richard Paey would get in his lifetime, Governor Crist of Florida went a step or two further than asked-he gave Paey a full pardon. Yes, in the same state that would have let this man rot in prison for the rest of his life, someone saw that justice was done!

This is the best news for chronic pain patients in a long time-with doctors being arrested left and right, leaving the ones left afraid to handle their patient's pain, and stories of brave drug warriors taking precedence over those of people in pain, struggling to live a halfway normal life in the 'what's-in-it for MEdia', something like this pardon is something that makes it worth while to get up in the morning.

Yes, Florida has a governor who was able to ignore those who use the fear of drugs and addiction to further their own careers, get votes, and 'entertain' the public they are supposed to inform, and simply do the right thing. I applaud Governor Crist's integrity, and wish Mr. Paey and his family a long, free, and happy life together.

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thefrogpryncess said...

I am glad for Mr. Paey and his family. Maybe this will be the beginning of a new outlook on chronic pain and the medications required to get it under control.