Thursday, June 4, 2009

Since then...

Well, the idea of Chronic Pain treatment has been accepted, if not the actual prescribing of strong narcotics-it is easier, but many people still have problems. I read over my most recent(?)! post, and found it a bit self-serving, even self pitying. But, hey, what did I know at the time? I expected all groups to be caring, accepting, warm, get the picture!

Well, I do have a doctor-whose office is kind of far away kind of far away. I might try to find someone closer-but it is a pain, but at least you can ask the question, first..."do you ever treat with opiates?" Yes, there were (and are) some who called themselves "Chronic Pain Specialists" but lean heavily on Physical therapy techniques-most of which can be performed, at a fraction of the cost, by licensed Physical Therapists at a fraction of the cost-with only a prescription or recommendation from the doctor. However, these doctors usually don't call everyone treated with opiates "addicts"-they just won't prescribe the medicines! My own doctor is very big on invasive methods, which don't mesh well with diabetes (which I have) and don't relieve pain for very long.

Well, I've pretty much given up on the idea of groups...So, I was thinking I'd give recommendations on how to get along in one, but I find that there's only one-find a place, like Yahoo, which hosts members-only groups, and start one yourself! I was often told that I should start one-but I don't relish taking the time to learn all the technical stuff, and, if you haven't yet noticed with this blog, am on the lazy side! No posts in about two years? Yes, I'm lazy.

Some Chronic Painers were hopeful when we got a new President, but it seems, on the drug and medication fronts, that it's "meet the new boss, the same as the old boss" (lucky it doesn't seem to be so on all fronts-but that's for another blog). So, as we slowly see states adopt medical marijuana laws, and doctors, completely blameless on other medical fronts, become more bold in their prescribing practice, we may see things start to change. Although I see a lot of medical Marijuana advocates are kind of dishonest (try and advocate a drug that keeps all the medicinal properties of marijuana-except get you high). Personally, I'd rather see, and work towards, getting marijuana legalized, along with all other drugs. But, I start to digress here. It's more of a political opinion-I'm a Libertarian-than a way of getting relief from pain.

So, all you CP'ers, I wish you relief-through opiates, other drugs, or physical therapy, or in combination-the choice should be yours (I know-in this lifetime "as if"). And, if your pain isn't too miserable or debilitating, those who choose to face it, bravely, without drugs. And, to those of you who are still forced to go without relief, I wish for you to stay strong, but keep trying. I blame no one for doing what I did, but jail is no fun, and Richard Paey's treatment withstanding, not a good place to have your pain treated. Things are a little better now, and may become more so, as the baby boomers grow older, but hopefullly, keep their political awareness and activism.

This is just a general update. Hopefully, I'll have more individual topic posts, in the near future.